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BN! lamp

Honorable Mention 2021. Lámpara BN!
SIT Furniture Design Award 2020. Lámpara BN!

Furniture design.

Table lamp.

Dimension: 28x28x28cm.

SIT Furniture Design Award Winner 2020. Mood lighting category

Loop Design Awards. Honorable Mention 2021

BN! is a decorative table lamp made with plywood that can be easily assembled without the use of screws or glue. When the lamp is disassembled its elements perfectly fit in a 28 x 28 cm. square and can be easily packed. It has been produced in local manufacturers using CNC technology.


The lamp is intended to be a playful object which can be easily assembled or disassembled, it subtlety evokes a timber toy. The elements of the lamp can be easily replaced, which allows to use items in different colours, modifying the light and giving a different character to the lamp.


The number of pieces used in this lamp has been minimised and the structural elements are also used to modulate the light and avoid dazzling. 


Lámpara BN!. Baliza Norte
Lámpara BN!. Baliza Norte
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